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Main objects of the Institute 

  • Promoting education in the field of taxation & allied subjects (Accounting & Finance, other allied laws) for skill development and to raise ability, capability and efficiency of both people and organizations in the field of taxation & allied subjects through innovative educational and research process.

  • To promote the objects through conferences, seminars lectures, public debate, exhibitions and other modern communications like the electronic media within the country as well as in other countries, to increase professional competence of tax practitioners by continuing professional education & training.

  • To identify, review, develop and share best practices in the field of taxation & allied subjects.

  • To act as consultants or advisors of any firm, body corporate, association or other undertaking and generally subject as aforesaid, to act as consultants or advisors and to undertake part in the management supervision or control of the business or operation of any person, firm, body corporate, association or other undertaking and to offer/confer membership of Institute to the eligible candidate.

  • To co-ordinate and co-operate with the taxation related professions, commerce, industry and the public service to support, promote, protect and maintain a body of qualified tax practitioners.

  • To prescribe and adopt standards and classification of attainments and qualifications of members and for such purposes to conduct examinations, assess those standards and classifications with recognition of prior learning and workplace assessment and conduct other tests in the theory and practice of taxation & other allied subjects and to prescribe and receive fees for such examinations and tests and to confer qualifications to designate the standard and status of members.

  • To consider questions affecting the interests of and to protect and advance the status of members of the Institute.

  • To institute memberships-academic, honorary, affiliate, associateships, fellowships etc. for different categories of persons engaged in the specified disciplines;

  • To undertake the founding, maintenance, aiding and endowment of prizes; to establish and maintain an archives

  • To collaborate and cooperate with other national or international professional associations or bodies, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether, or in part, similar to those of the Institute;




Vision & Mission

  • To achieve excellence in Taxation

  • To become national representative  body of Tax Practitioners and to create a profession of Chartered Tax Practitioners and protect it’s members interest

  • To help, assist governments in formulating tax policies

  • Getting our institute & it’s membership qualification included in recognised qualifications of Tax Practitioners as per different statutes

  • To create global federation of Tax Practitioners Bodies around the world and to create and adopt uniform practice standards

  • To become affiliate members of IFAC

  • To organise uniform training programs for members and to design test assignment to check the learning outcomes of the said programs, to maintain CPD

  • To voluntarily bind members to a code of conduct & best ethical practises of the profession

  • To seek supervisory guidance & coordinate with statutory institutes and regulators like ICAI,ICMAI,ICSI,BCI

  • To coordinate with other foreign institutes for international tax practice (like CIOT-UK)

  • To create a common national register of tax practitioners with income tax , state sales tax dept for the already issued registration certificates & GST Practitioners.. (For public knowledge of registered tax practitioners a web based directory...)

  • To create a directory of chartered tax practitioners..

  • To develop a high end ERP solution for members.

  • To demand early passage & adoption of legal professionals bill,2012 or enact new tax policy

  • To pursue various govt depts like registrar of firms, charities, corporate ministry ,labour ministry, tax depts, subsidy depts to recognise our members as authorized representative in the matters of our SME clients

  • To coordinate with other national, state tax practitioners associations for creation of uniform cadre of tax practitioners. To organise  joint seminars, workshops for CPE/CPD activities etc

  • To upgrade skills of already practicing tax practitioners

  • To engage experts (CA\CMA\CS\Advocates\MBA's)in the field of accountancy, finance, law & taxation to get involved in modular content development for our members training & certification program. And to confer experts with academic and honorary membership. Form their group for education and training of our members..

  • To promote indemnity insurance to protect public interest from wrong doings of our members services

  • To promote voluntary reporting under money laundering provisions

Vission & Mission
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