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Institute Elections 2024-2027


Institute is going for elections for the first time, as per the election regulations we are now filing up our Central Council, Zonal Council, State/UT Council and District Chapters. as it is the first election, first the Central Council will be filled then they will elect Zonal/State/District level representatives Council terms is for 3 years.

​Scheme of Election of Council Members

 Terms and conditions for filing nominations for council of the Institute.

  1. You need to be current associate/ fellow Member of ICTPI in good standing 

  2. If you're an affiliate member you can still apply for council position provided you undertake to complete the certification and progress to associate/ fellow category within six months

  3. Each interested member have to introduce and add 10 new members to the Institute.  

  4. Application fees for nomination is Rs 1100/- (Including GST)

Nomination Application for Central Council Institute


Application Fee is Rs 1,100/-, (includes 18% GST). 

Note: If you're an affiliate please enroll for the course first. You also need to be member first. Please fill out respective membership form (if not done already)

Thanks for submitting! we will get back to you shortly

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